Collaborative Development Platforms for Critical Software Applications

Unify your product innovation efforts. Quickly deliver quality digital products to your markets. Guarantee and document your regulatory compliance. Digitize your processes, provide immediate traceability, and make your engineering agile in critical applications. Sofia Technologies is a distributor and supplier of value-added services for ALM codeBeamer and Retina solutions from Intland Software. We offer value-added services including pre / post-sales consulting, integration and implementation, training, and 1st level support.

Intland codeBeamer ALM

The most agile Lifecycle Management Application platform in the market. It is scalable, integrated and remains light while offering impressive characteristics. codeBeamer ALM is a collaborative Lifecycle Management Application platform that offers a 360 ° view of Requirements Management, Development, Test & Quality Assurance. Its characteristics authorize total traceability as well as complete coverage of the product development life cycle. Its features and analytics cover the entire life cycle, it is a reference source for the entire product life cycle. CodeBeamer ALM allows you to smooth and automate your product development processes, reduce costs and improve product quality, while ensuring compliance with operational safety standards. Learn more about codeBeamer

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Intland Retina

Retina powered by codeBeamer is an agile platform for managing your requirements, risks, tests and documentation. Retina breaks the silos throughout the development of the product. It provides traceability of requirements up to the stages of testing, validation and deployment while providing a great user experience and productivity. Retina offers ready-to-use integrations for MS Office, Atlassian Jira, Git, Doors, ReqIf, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Slack and many others, as well as the ability to share data to harmonize your tool chain. The platform is accessible from PC or Mobile. It is ready to use for medical technologies, for life sciences and pharma, for the automotive industry, thanks to models with predefined workflows and artifacts. However, the platform is built so that new configurations and extensions are always possible to adapt to your needs! Retina can be deployed in your IT (on-premise), in SaaS (on our Cloud) or in hosted (on your Cloud).

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