Engineering Design and Development

The world is constantly evolving at full speed. If the whole world is a part of big mechanism, then engineering is its back bone. Every single activity is engineered.

MORNSAN brings you the distinctive specialty of designing those manmade marvels. With Team of experience Subject Matter Experts, we have access to a global talent pool of engineers, project managers and designers which can help bring concepts to reality through a complete product life cycle with the least possible time.

At MORNSAN, we put together all our experience in the field of engineering design and development to bring about the concepts to reality. With our 3D-CAD designs we achieve a very high degree of precision and optimization in the design and development phase by DMU, Curvature Analysis as well as kinematic examination and models fully controllable by parameters.

With loads of industrial experience MORNSAN will be able to help with DFMEAs, DFM and DFA, which help to analyze, prevent failure and also in resolving assembly and manufacturing issues arising latter.

Expertise offered in

  • Design and Development
    • Industrial Design and styling
    • Creation of digital mock-ups from Class A surfaces
    • Design of Interior and Exterior parts with concept and Master sections
    • Design of BIW with concept and Master sections
    • Plastic Mould, Stamping die, Pressure Die Casting Die, Jigs & Fixture design
    • Reverse engineering
    • Parametric Part modeling and CAD customization
    • 2d to 3d conversion services
    • Onsite manpower deployment

    • Assembly sequence
    • DVA analysis
    • Craftsmanship analysis and solutions
    • Mold flow analysis
    • Sheet metal formability analysis at design level
    • Sheet metal formability analysis at Incremental level with method plan
    • Yield improvement and optimization
    • Failure mode analysis as input to Design Validation plan
  • CAE
    • Static, Dynamic, Non-Linear and Non-linear Dynamic, Buckling, Modal, Transient simulations
    • Occupant safety, Crash, Impact as per standards
    • Optimization and weight reduction
    • Thermal, Modal, Vibration analysis
    • Durability, Vehicle stability, NVH, Rollover simulation
    • Mechanism simulation and multi-body dynamics
    • Mold flow and Sheet metal forming simulation

  • VAVE/Weight Optimization
    • Alternative materials
    • Variant Creation
    • Joinery optimization
    • Material optimization through nesting
    • Reduction in number of components